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JNTUA : Revised Promotion Rules For B.Tech R15 - Promotion From 2nd Year to 3rd Year

Discussion in 'Academic Regulations' started by Updates4u, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Updates4u

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    Number of Examinations to be considered for calculation of credits for promotion from II Year to III Year B.Tech courses.

    I am by direction inform that, the Vice-Chancellor has approved the following for promotion from II Year to III Year B.Tech in place of guidelines presented in section 7.2 of R15 academic regulations.

    A student shall be promoted from II to III year only if he/she fulfils the academic requirement of securing 40% of the credits (25 credits) in the subjects that have been studied up to II year I semester from the following examinations, irrespective of whether the candidate takes the end examination or not as per the normal course of study.
    • One regular and two supplementary examinations of I Year I Semester.
    • One regular and one supplementary examinations of I Year II Semester.
    • One regular examination of II Year I semester

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