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Exemption on subjects

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Shilpa vuppu, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Shilpa vuppu

    Shilpa vuppu New Member

    Dear Sir,
    I am silpa.v . I wrote exams in July one time chance exams and I am from RR batch.sir I failed in one subject is there any exemption rule is applicable for RR batch.
  2. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    No idea about RR batch. Better to get the info from JNTUH if yet exemption rule is applicable for RR batch students.
  3. Sai teja marripelly

    Sai teja marripelly New Member

    In 2-2 gender sensitization 2 credits will be added. We will promote to fourth year yes or no reply

    I have 68 credits with gender sensitization I'm studing third year now

    But gender sensitization 2 credits will add or not


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  4. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

  5. Raghuraj

    Raghuraj New Member

    Sir, can i leave engineering drawing subject(R13 regulation)
  6. Puneeth

    Puneeth New Member

    hi my name is puneeth and i have three backlogs 1st year chemistry 3-1 MPI and 4-2 Adhoc sensor and networks and in the year 2016 i have wrote the external exams in that in 4-2 Adhoc subject i have scored 21 marks in external and i have 20 marks in internal after that i have written supplies can i apply for GRACE for that subject and EXCEPTION for remaining two subjects
    can you please reply me fast sir
  7. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, its a theory subject.
  8. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Can you mention your branch & regulation.
  9. Puneeth

    Puneeth New Member

    CSE Branch R09 regulation
  10. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    If you belong to JNTUH. Yes you can apply for grace marks & exemption. Kindly contact your college exam cell staff & find it out once before you proceed further. You can apply for grace marks & exemption at your respective college.
  11. Puneeth

    Puneeth New Member

    thank you so much for the information

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