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Doubt about exemption rule

Discussion in 'JNTU-Hyderabad (JNTUH)' started by Revanthsaivarma, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Revanthsaivarma

    Revanthsaivarma New Member

    I am a mechanical student of R13 batch in jntuh.....I have 2 backlogs (FEM ,R&AC) ......can i leave these subjects .......I got this doubt because these are core subjects in 3-2 sem .......plz clarify me as fast as u can.......thus I will prepare for further.
  2. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    Yes you can leave them to get the degree. You can leave them only after 4-2 results are declared or else after you complete your course. Better to write the exams, if you could not clear them even after your 4-2 then leave them. Max you can leave 2 subjects i.e., 8 credits to get the memos.
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